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Quality of Life



The bedrock of a good community is a quality education system.  To the citizens of Pocahontas a quality education is one of the most important aspects of our community.  Here in Pocahontas we have an excellent public and private education system.  They consist of the Pocahontas K-5 Catholic School and the Pocahontas Area/ Pomeroy-Palmer School K-12 School District.  The school district has recently constructed a brand new state-of-the-art High/Middle School.  With the help of the City of Pocahontas, the school district is undertaking the One-to-One Initiative which will provide every high school student with a laptop computer.

Pocahontas School Foundation Brochure - Information on the Pocahontas Area Community School PAC Foundation Program - Click for more information

Cost of Living

Residents of Pocahontas enjoy a very low cost of living meaning a dollar will go much further in Pocahontas than in any metropolitan area.  Pocahontas has a median home value that is significantly below the national average making it much more affordable to own a home in Pocahontas than anywhere.  Pocahontas has housing available to meet every income level.  Those who are looking at building a home may want to take a look at the City's newest residential subdivision: Prairie Estates.  The new development is a 17 lot residential subdivision located in the northeast portion of the community next to the golf course.

Low Crime

After spending time in Pocahontas, one comes to enjoy the safety of our community.  Pocahontas has a very low crime rate making the community a very safe place to live and raise a family.  Public safety is a high priority of the residents in Pocahontas.  This means not only low crime but also adequate sidewalks for pedestrians and effective traffic control.

Essential Services

Pocahontas offers all of life's essential services.  With a population of only 1,970 Pocahontas has the feel of a small town; however we have the medical access usually enjoyed by larger cities with our very own Pocahontas Community Hospital.  The hospital is a state of the art facility that prides itself in providing exceptional care to its patients.  Pocahontas also has a medical clinic, chiropractor's office, dental, and eye doctor offices.  In 2008 the City of Pocahontas partnered with the Pocahontas Community Hospital and the Pocahontas Area Community School District to start a new daycare, the Discovery Daycare.  The daycare is off and running and just another example that Pocahontas has everything to offer.

Small Town Atmosphere

Iowans are known for their warm, friendly demeanors.  Pocahontas is no exception to that stereotype.  Pocahontas is the type of place where neighbors know their neighbors and everyone in the community is willing to help each other out.  And yes we do wave at everyone when they drive by.

Business Friendly

Pocahontas is a business friendly community.  The City has taken an active role in economic development.  The City even employs its own economic development director to assist existing and new businesses in Pocahontas.  The City offers many opportunities for business that make their home in Pocahontas including: low utilities rates, tax abatement, a revolving loan portfolio with assets near $1.5 million, a new business park, tax increment financing assistance, high speed fiber technologies and infrastructure cost sharing.